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On my way!

As part of the Master's program in Branding and Packaging, I undertook a project that involved implementing a Human-Centered Design process to develop a holistic business concept. This encompassed the entire shopping experience, as well as the design of three packages, all with the objective of creating a positive impact on society. Through key insight gained during the research phase, I reached the conclusion that exploring the world fosters a deeper appreciation and care for it. I strongly believe that adopting responsible dietary habits should not limit our ability to fully embrace gastronomic culture.


Consequently, I devised a subscription box concept featuring cultured meat and additional ingredients. This concept allows individuals to enjoy the experience of cooking international dishes in the comfort of their own homes. The brand not only provides information on the benefits but also celebrates good habits and takes customers on a journey through different cultures and the world of gastronomy.


Strategy - Branding - Packaging

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2023, Leticia Albicker

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